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Friday, October 1, 2010

TownHog Vancouver has been added to the RSS & email feeds

TownHog just launched today in Vancouver so I have added it to the feed.

The email subscription is still a bit finicky I'm afraid, so the best way to view the deals is through or through Google (or another RSS) Reader.



  1. As per my reply through email to you:

    Thank you for your comment. They are not all referral links, but I do use referral links when I can.

    The reason is this, it took me countless hours to write and set up the functionality of the script of collecting all the deals together. It takes me even more hours to maintain all of this!

    It also costs money to host a website. Referral links are a non-intrusive way for me to pay for hosting costs and the time spent working on the script.

    If you take a look at other sites that collect the deals, they too possess referral links. Some sites even hide the fact that they collect referrals by masking their URLs, I at least wish to be open about it.

  2. Reposted comment:

    Hello (name removed)

    I appreciate the fact you are posting all the group deals...but i can't helop but notice that they are ALL referral you are in fact making money off everyone who ends up buying a deal from Fourm Vancouver.

    I must admit that is a little disappointing.