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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vancouver group buy email subscription service

If you want to see the deals without signing up for the email, see this page:

Otherwise, sign up below:


I've made some bug fixes and improvements to the group buy summary feed. One of these improvements is the ability to receive a daily email with the deals. We are currently following Groupon, Indulge Living, Teambuy, LivingSocial, Grooster, GoodNews, Steal the Deal, WagJag, SocialShopper, SwarmJam, Dealfind, TownHog, BCDailyDeals, HotDealsLive, WebPiggy, CityFlavr, Delight Daily, TooSave, The Daily Steal, Surrey, GoLowDeal, DealTicker and ethicalDeal.

To sign up, simply enter your email below. You'll get a confirmation email with a link that you'll have to click.

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Here's a sample of what the email looks like:

Vancouver Group Buy Email Subscription

Please note that this service hasn't been extensively tested, it's not guaranteed to work 100%. Do let me know of any problems that come up however.


  1. You should add swarmjam to that list. First deal starts on monday

  2. i haven't been getting my deals daily... email stopped coming thru since thrus.... why is that?

  3. You should add to that list.

  4. Hey Anonymous, please contact me via the Contact Form and I'll try to track the issue down. I will need your email address.

  5. Just to let you know, webpiggy also works for Vancouver now too if you'd like to add it. =D

  6. Webpiggy confuses me! They had Vancouver deals in the past but now their "Vancouver" deals are often for places in Toronto, so I took them off.

    Thanks for letting me know about these sites! You should post on the forum (, I check these comments less often.

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